Momentum Funding Offers Medical Funding Solutions

Medical Funding

Let us Help Your Client with Medical Funding Today

Momentum Funding offers medical funding solutions to help pay for medical procedures, surgeries and deductibles on health insurance policies. To help our attorney clients and their plaintiffs we created a strategic medical funding solution that helps meet both attorneys and plaintiffs case goals. The ultimate goal is getting patient/plaintiffs the medical care needed at reasonable prices.

Medical Funding Benefits:

  • Funding for Surgeries and Medical Procedures: Momentum Funding negotiates cash prices for surgeries and procedures with doctors, medical facilities, or hospitals.
  • All the work is done by our professional and dedicated staff.  We combine the bills into one transaction and pay the providers directly.
  • Pricing is negotiable depending on the individual case and the type of procedure.

To Learn More:

Contact Elizabeth Pekin at 561-245-2682 and or email her at

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