Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding our legal funding for both attorneys and plaintiffs. We want to make the legal funding experience for both our attorney and their plaintiff clients easy, fast and reliable. It is our goal to keep everything very transparent and our FAQs page helps to answer any and all common questions for both our attorneys and their plaintiff clients. If there are any questions that need further explanation and or you have a specific question not on this webpage, please feel free to contact us directly at 855-855-FUND(3863) and one of our account managers will be happy to answer or help you with your question.

You can also email us here today to discuss your case and or question that might need further clarification.

1How do I apply?
Simply call 1-855-855-FUND(3863) or fill out the quick online application. A Momentum Funding Client Specialist will be in touch with you immediately.
2Is there an application fee?
No. The application is free.
3Momentum tiene alguien que hable en Español?
Si, tenemos representantes que les pueden ayudar en Español.
4How much money am I able to receive?
Momentum Funding can fund any amount of money depending on the type of injury and case you have. Your personal Client Specialist will walk you through the process and will advise you based on your financial need.
5How fast can I receive the money?
After we receive all of the information from your attorney, you should receive the funds in less than 24 hours. We have an efficient system for funding that makes sure you are funded quickly. We understand that you have IMMEDIATE financial needs and we are here to help.
6How do I pay Momentum Funding back?
Your attorney will pay Momentum Funding out of the proceeds of your settlement ONLY if your case settles. If your case is lost you do NOT repay Momentum Funding.
7Do I need good credit to obtain funding?
No, your credit score does not matter to obtain funds.
8Is this a loan?

No, generally Momentum Funding purchases an interest in the potential settlement money of a plaintiff’s case. If the case is lost, you do not owe Momentum Funding any money.

Some states do treat the funding as a loan. Momentum Funding LLC is also licensed to make limited recourse loans in the State of Illinois under the Consumer Installment Loan Act, License Number CI 4535. Momentum is licensed to make loans by the State of Missouri Division of Finance as a Consumer Credit Loan Company, License Number 367-17-7639

Missouri Maximum Rate

The maximum interest rate for Momentum Funding’s loans in the State of Missouri will not exceed 60%. The maximum fees charged by Momentum Funding will be 10% of the principal loan amount not to exceed $100.00.

Click here for the Missouri License.

If you lose, you don't owe us anything

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