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Momentum's executive team is comprised of lawyers with more than 40 years combined experience in the legal funding industry. Our conservative underwriting sets us apart. We offer a personal and unique approach to the funding process.
Momentum Funding will handle each plaintiff’s funding request with compassion and respect. We offer competitive pricing that is easy for your client to understand.

Attorney Benefits


1Why Momentum Funding?
You will be working with the most experienced legal funding experts who were pioneers in the industry. You will have access to an in-house attorney to answer any questions you may have about the funding or the process.
2Will Momentum be involved in the case?
No, we will not get involved with your client’s case. Momentum does not give legal advice.
3How much information do we need?
We need minimal information about your client’s case in order to fund it. We know your time is valuable and we will be able to get the information we need very quickly in order to make a decision about how much to fund your client.
4Who at Momentum will speak with a plaintiff?
Unlike large legal funding companies, Momentum offers a more personalized approach. We will make sure a plaintiff speaks with an experienced Client Specialist who assists the plaintiff through the entire funding process. Each plaintiff will also have access to one of Momentum Funding’s experienced in-house attorneys.
5How do I repay Momentum Funding?
Simply email us at or call us at 1-855-855-FUND(3863) and we will quickly let you know the amount owed. Momentum Funding provides conservative funding decisions on the front end in order to save unnecessary time and hassle on the back end.
6Is this a loan?

No, generally Momentum Funding purchases an interest in the potential proceeds of your client’s case. If the case is lost, your client does not owe Momentum Funding any money.

Some states do treat the funding as a loan. Momentum Funding LLC is also licensed to make limited recourse loans in the State of Illinois under the Consumer Installment Loan Act, License Number CI 4050. Momentum is licensed to make loans by the State of Missouri Division of Finance as a Consumer Credit Loan Company, License Number 367-17-7639

Missouri Maximum Rate

The maximum interest rate for Momentum Funding’s loans in the State of Missouri will not exceed 60%. The maximum fees charged by Momentum Funding will be 10% of the principal loan amount not to exceed $100.00.

Click here for the Missouri License.
7Who do I contact about Payments?
Please send an email to or call us at 855-855-3863

Referral Partner Program

For years, we have been asked by our attorney clients for recommendations of law firms and other attorneys who we know and trust in different states or jurisdictions.
Our strong relationships with attorneys nationwide have made us the leaders in the industry. We connect attorneys in states or cities where they do not practice or have expertise and concentrations in specific case types.
If you are in need of an attorney to refer a case to or if you are interested in being part of our Attorney Connection Referral Program, please contact us at 855-855-3863.