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How to Make the Best Use of Trial Technology

How to Make the Best Use of Trial Technology

By Violette Bishai.

As the brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text, it is no wonder the use of technology is vital in trials. The jury will remember 10-20% of what they read or what they hear versus 80% of what they see. Technology is powerful, whether it’s used as evidence in the form of imagery or as software put in place to process documents. It is beneficial all around. Trial Lawyers and judges have become more receptive to this idea as it “streamlines trial information in a format that jurors are more receptive to.”

How Can Technology be used?

Technology can be used in various ways throughout the trial process. Attorneys can use PowerPoint to support the details of their openings, create interactive demonstrations, and to display timelines. Programs such as Trial Director or TrialPad can be used to pull up pages of any exhibit right away during trial.  Technology is also put to good use during pre-trial proceedings.

Receptiveness of Technology in the Courtroom

The receptiveness of judges to trial technology has also improved dramatically in just the span of a decade.

In a recent interview with Above the Law, Mike Ko – founder of Groundwork Trial Consulting and faculty member at the Chicago Kent College of Law states, “Today, judges anticipate and generally expect both sides will be using technology to present their cases, especially in complex cases.”

It was only short of a decade ago, when many judges were confused as to what attorneys were attempting to do with the use of technology in the courtroom.

Ko encourages the use of technology and trial presentation tools especially when introducing complex concepts or theories to help increase productivity and persuasion. He also gives examples for how simple such concepts and theories can be refined into graphics or animations. Use technology, he states, “to convey the essence of a case.”

Technology and Today’s Jurors

Technology streamlines and reforms the trial presentation process. It provides information in a way that is easy to comprehend for the jurors. Ko explains further, “Today’s jurors are accustomed to receiving and experiencing information on screens and phones, not in print and on poster boards. Being able to present your case in a way that is consistent with how jurors expect to receive it makes it that much easier to win.”

This form of presentation will resonate with the technologically advanced society of today. It allows the attorney to present information that in a way that the jury is able to digest and might be familiar with. A high-tech, high-touch approach will surely allow for a more seamless trial process.


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