By Elizabeth Pekin, Esq., Momentum Funding Founder & President

 With over 500 million users, Twitter, the premier microblogging platform, isn’t going anywhere soon. If you’re not yet familiar with this social media powerhouse — or not yet using it consistently to support your personal injury practice — here’s a quick primer.

Yes, you really do need to do this. Twitter enables you to post short messages known as tweets. The maximum character length of a tweet is 140 characters. Although only registered Twitter users – the folks with the @ sign in front of their username — get to post tweets, anybody who’s online can see them. Here’s the thing: Search engines index tweets. That means using tweets to establish consistent prominence around a given topic-phrase that’s relevant to your practice – “car accident,” say, or “Jacksonville” – can carry immense advantages in terms of search engine optimization. No matter what your current level of expertise, investing a little time in Twitter each day — is a sound business decision for your practice.

Twitter is easier to use than it may appear from a distance. The service boasts an extremely short learning curve. That’s a big part of why it’s so popular! To get a fix on Twitter, you only have to master three simple terms.  Here they come. Ready?  You already know what a tweet is – a message of 140 characters or less. A hashtag is this symbol — # — which you put immediately in front of a word or topic phrase that you want someone to find by using Twitter’s simple search function. Thus, #caraccident puts you in the global Twitter conversation about car accidents. #Jacksonville puts you in the global conversation about Jacksonville. The phrase RT is short for “retweet” – it’s what happens when people like your tweet so much that they want it to appear in their tweetstream verbatim, attributed to you.

Follow, follow, follow. If you haven’t already done so, visit to set up your firm’s account right now. Then start following three vitally important categories of Twitter users: legal organizations to which you belong; people of interest who follow those organizations; people you know and/or want to know better. You’ll find me on Twitter under the username @MomentumFunding.  I’ll follow you back!

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