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The Pressure of Holiday Spending

The Pressure of Holiday Spending

By Elizabeth Pekin, Esq., Momentum Funding Founder & President

The pressure of holiday spending affects us all.

Financial planners guide us to spend no more than 1% of our annual income on holiday gifts. Some financial planners even go as far as to say don’t put anything on credit cards. Instead, get cash and create envelopes for each person on your gift list and ONLY spend what’s in the envelopes.

But, what if it’s a matter of creating a nice holiday experience or keeping the lights on.

For many people, that’s their reality. Here’s where we come in.

Legal Funding should be the last resort a plaintiff turns to when trying to make ends meet as they await a settlement. If Legal Funding is that option, an attorney needs to work with a company that has the plaintiff’s best interests in mind.

  • Momentum Funding will review all case information and fund only when necessary.
  • Momentum Funding will never over fund. There is nothing worse for your client than when the backend of the case isn’t considered.
  • Momentum Funding is fast. When someone needs gas money to get to work, or is about to be evicted, time is of the essence. Momentum Funding can fund clients in as little as a few hours.

Momentum Funding will work with plaintiffs to help bring some cheer to their holidays.

Let us know how we can help you help them as they face holiday financial strain.