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Save on Holiday Spending

Save on Holiday Spending

By Violette Bishai.

According to the National Retail Federation, this holiday season, sales are expected to grow between 3.6 and 4%. This totals to a difference of up to $682 billion from last years $655.8 billion. The question becomes, how do we spend less in an economy that is projected to only continue spending more? Momentum Funding is here to assist you make your shopping list, and check it twice.

The Gift of Time

Financial hardship comes in all shapes and forms and purchasing gifts or giving money during the holidays does not help the situation. Consider giving the gift of time. Time is a priceless thing to give and during the holidays, it’s even more special to gift.

  • IOU for babysitting
  • Lawnmowing
  • Painting
  • Car wash
  • Housecleaning
  • Scavenger hunt around town

Gift Your Skills

Thoughtful gifts do not necessarily have to be purchased. Think of a friend who just recently bought those kitchen cabinets, but cannot find the time to put them together, or a sister who is expecting and needs a crib built soon. Perhaps you have a nephew or niece that’s home for the holidays and has not had a really good home cooked meal in a while. Put your skills to good use and help a loved one out, it’ll mean more to them than a trinket that will be forgotten in a few weeks. Not only are you doing something nice and spending time together, you are creating memories that will last a life time.

Designated Gift Cabinet

Gather all the extra holiday wrapping paper, gift bags, and unwanted gifts from last year. Place them in a box or a cabinet where you can get to them to either use or reuse for future holidays and occasions. This way, next time the holidays come around, you are shopping for things you don’t have instead of re-purchasing everything.


Last but not least, relax. Don’t get so caught up in  finding a deal that you lose sight of why you’re shopping and giving gifts in the first place. The holidays are about creating memories and spending time together.