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A Recipe for A Successful Legal Career

A Recipe for A Successful Legal Career

By Violette Bishai.

The legal field is vast in opportunities and contains many different sectors. Regardless of the direction taken, there are certain skills that, if polished and sharpened, will aid in your career success. On their journey to starting Momentum Funding, our co-founders, Elisa Moss and Elizabeth Pekin, have encountered countless of different recipes for success. The question then became, “Which is the best recipe?” With further research on best practices among leaders in the industry, we have found that each recipe contains a few variations. We’ve compiled a few for you below and will share additional ingredients as we continue to come across new ones.


Law school emphasizes the importance of working with others. Students are encouraged to form study groups, law review groups, moot courts, internships, and externships. Team work allows them to combine their skill sets with those of others and work together towards a common goal. Law students learn the importance of communication and collaboration.

Though sometimes group work can be fraught, it is important to keep the goals you are all working for in front of you.  It is okay to disagree with someone’s take on a project; but, instead of just voicing your disagreement, offer a solution or a compromise to the table and your reasoning behind it.

Give credit where it’s due. This idea may seem minor, but its effect on the person receiving this credit is immense. This makes individuals feel more valued and more invested in the project.

Understand Strengths and Areas of Opportunity

Take the time to ask yourself a few questions. Where do you work best? Do you need free time to come up with ideas or are you more structured? Do you lead with facts or do you prefer to go with your gut? Do you take action immediately or do you require time before hand? It is important to establish where you would fit best in a work environment and, if given the opportunity, how those around you would fit with your style. Ultimately, the goal would be to surround yourself with those you can learn from and vice versa.


We would love to hear how you incorporate such ingredients in your work life. How have they affected you and/or your work environment? Share your thoughts or your own recipe for success here.