President and Co-Founder Elizabeth Pekin to Speak at Mass Torts Made Perfect - Momentum Funding

President and Co-Founder Elizabeth Pekin to Speak at Mass Torts Made Perfect

Elizabeth Pekin has spent over a decade advocating for a more personalized, unique form of funding in the funding industry. Pekin will be speaking during the Finance Track on Friday April 13, at the Wynn, at the largest conference in the nation for plaintiff mass torts. Mass Torts Made Perfect is held for lawyers, both new and veterans in the industry, who wish to improve practice and gain more business in the complex world of mass tort litigation.

Pekin has been invited to present amongst colleagues including F. Lee Bailey and Howard Nations. She will be speaking on the basics and benefits of the legal funding industry to both the plaintiffs and the attorneys. This unique approach uses medical funding and legal funding adds value to personal injury cases.

“Plaintiff Legal Funding has evolved exponentially since its inception several decades ago. Momentum has changed the playing field by creating ways to use the funding strategically,” said Pekin, who founded Momentum Funding in 2015 after realizing the need to establish a seamless process for plaintiffs who are in need of financial assistance as they wait for cases to settle. “I am looking forward to educating attorneys attending the Mass Torts Conference on how to help their clients when they need it most.”

In her continued efforts to educate and advocate, Pekin has presented at numerous National Workers’ Compensation conferences and Trial Attorney Organization conferences, with the most recent being the National Trial Lawyers Summit in Miami Beach, Fla., where she appeared alongside Gloria Allred, Mark Geragos, Christian Searcy and LegalZoom Founder Brian Liu.

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