Momentum Case Study : How Momentum Helps Leading Firms Stay Ahead

Momentum Case Study : How Momentum Helps Leading Firms Stay Ahead

“Our Firm represents a high volume of personal injury cases. We are increasingly encountering situations where – because of the extent of their injuries – clients are unable to work or generate income while they are actively treating. Momentum provides an invaluable service both to our firm and our clients, where they can easily obtain sufficient funding to stay afloat and keep up with their necessary expenses while completing their treatment.”
Problem: One evening, a client in a poorly lit parking lot tripped and broke his elbow, tore his rotator cuff, and some tendons in his triceps. He was then later diagnosed with Post Concussive Syndrome. He was not able to work and needed multiple costly surgeries to repair his injuries.
Solution: The client’s attorneys worked with Momentum Funding for Financial Relief
Momentum was able to provide funds to assist with daily living expenses and monthly bills. Momentum also assisted in paying for the necessary surgeries allowing time for the clients’ attorneys to obtain maximum settlement.
“Momentum has been an invaluable asset servicing the needs of our clients. Account Manager, Alexandra Zicarelli streamlined the process and made it even more efficient for our clients to obtain funding. I know that when a client reaches out to us for help and advice on how to simply afford and endure the treatment phase of their claim, I can simply give them Alex’s number at Momentum Funding and she will do whatever she can to have funds directly distributed to my client in most cases before the end of the day.”

“One call is all it takes.”


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