Medical Funding: A Solution for all Parties

Medical Funding: A Solution for all Parties

By Violette Bishai

Medical funding offers a solution for all respective parties involved in personal injury cases. It is not uncommon that a plaintiff is injured and in need of medical attention. What is common is that unfortunately financial circumstances do not allow plaintiffs to cover all costs out of pocket while waiting for a case to settle. Medical funding provided by an unbiased third party also diminishes the argument of perceived bias and excessive medical bills. The medical providers no longer need a Letter of Protection (LOP’s) and need not wait months or years to get payment as the case settles.

How Medical Funding Works

Through the strategic use of medical funding, plaintiffs receive the surgeries and medical procedures they need. Attorneys representing the Insurance companies tend to argue on grounds of perceived bias and excessive medical bills. They believe the medical provider has a higher stake in the case and therefore the medical bills are excessive. Medical funding allows for attorneys to focus on the facts of the case and rule out such bias. Momentum funding negotiates and pays the medical providers on the day of the procedure.

The ultimate goal is to assist in making a stronger case for attorneys, ensure medical providers can focus on practicing medicine, and that plaintiffs get the care they need.


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