By Elizabeth Pekin, Esq., Momentum Funding Founder & President

Your firm’s reputation is its single most valuable marketing asset – and these days, your presence on LinkedIn has a huge impact on that reputation.

It’s likely that you and/or your law firm already have a LinkedIn account. Here are nine simple questions about LinkedIn for personal injury lawyers. A single “No” answer reveals an area that you need to focus on to take your practice’s LinkedIn game to the next level.

  1. Is someone in your world doing a LITTLE work on LinkedIn EVERY BUSINESS DAY? I’m talking about between five and twenty minutes. First priority: Upgrading and/or updating your profile. (See 2, 3, and 4 below.) Second priority: Sharing material of interest to prospective clients — for instance, an accident and injury guide for those involved in truck accidents.
  2. Is your personal profile complete? If not, congratulations. You now know exactly where to start.
  3. Have you uploaded a great profile photo? Failing to do so is one of the most common LinkedIn mistakes. People want to see your face. Let them! Make sure it’s a professional shot!
  4. Does your profile page include at least one powerful visual – other than your profile photo? It should. Note that you can add rich media – professional-looking videos, for instance – to your profile page.
  5. Does every outgoing e-mail your firm sends feature a hotlink that points to your LinkedIn page? This is a simple and highly effective marketing technique.
  6. Do you have both a company page for your firm and an individual page for yourself? You need both, and they should reference each other.
  7. Are you active in a LinkedIn group? LinkedIn boasts many groups that help personal injury attorneys to hire great people, share best practices, and keep up-to-date on the latest news. One of the best can be found at – check it out.
  8. Do you use the headline right below your profile headline to position your firm as the expert resource in a specific area, for a specific geographic area? Identify both your specialty (say, wrongful death) and your geographic area (say, greater Indianapolis).
  9. Do you prominently feature short, authentic endorsements from happy clients? If not – get some – and post them!

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