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How Does She Do it? Life Hacks from Female Founders

How Does She Do it? Life Hacks from Female Founders

By Violette Bishai – interview with Elizabeth Pekin, Esq. & Elisa Moss.

When combing the internet, there seems to be a plethora of what is known as “mommy bloggers”. But, perhaps what is missing from the genre of picture perfect toddlers and photo-ready recipes is a realistic view of what life looks like for working female executives, who not only have a Founder or CEO title, but a just-as-important title known as “Mom”. There doesn’t have to be an ultimate choice between success and family. The “How Does She Do It?” question can be answered with some simple life hacks for working mothers. It may be messy at times and will not always appear picture perfect. But, it is possible to get both jobs done. The co-founders of Momentum Funding, Elizabeth Pekin and Elisa Moss, have some tips and tricks to make life easier for those mothers in the C-Suite.

The female founders travel nationwide, speaking at National Trial Lawyer’s Associations to explain the benefits of legal and medical funding and presenting CLE’s. Although the home, work, and travel balance does not always come easy, they definitely know how to make it happen.

Favorite Apps:

With the start of Momentum in 2015, the two female founders quickly realized how much of their time it required. The need for time-saving and organizing hacks became apparent.

TripIt allows them the ability to have all of their travel plans in once place.

Elizabeth and Elisa travel almost every week, visiting various law firms and attending conferences. While they are preparing CLE’s on, “The Ethics of Legal and Medical Funding,” and speeches on various topics, they don’t have to worry about the logistics of the trip.

Busy execs can receive Forwarded confirmation emails for hotels, flights, car rentals, and restaurant information. TripIt creates a personalized master itinerary – perfect for the busy execs. Plus, it is accessible from anywhere and on any device – even offline.

Hotel Tonight is also a Momentum favorite. It offers last-minute booking options and hotel deals for when they may not be planning on that layover or last-minute client meeting.

Momentum Funding works with busy trial lawyers who have constantly changing and fast-paced plans. Unexpected trips constantly come up, hearings or meetings will be postponed, extended, and canceled. Hotel tonight provides a hassle-free solution to calling back to the office or googling options.

Hotels give their unsold rooms and Hotel Tonight sells them at cost efficient prices. Elisa once had a hotel with a bug problem – Hotel Tonight saved the day!

Buddhify makes meditation on-the-go easy for both Elizabeth and Elisa.

At times, stress can sneak up on you if you are not careful. The Momentum Funding executive team works around the clock to establish a more seamless process for plaintiffs in need for financial assistance. It’s easy for the workload and cases to pile up. To avoid being overwhelmed, the women turn to Buddhify for their on-the-go guided meditations wherever they are. Options include guided meditations for walking, stress, work breaks, going to sleep etc.

Half the Fun is Getting There: Surviving Long Plane Rides

Since traveling is such a huge part of their work life, Elizabeth and Elisa have mastered the art of flying. They make the plane ride into whatever they need it to be. Plane activities include: meditating, reading, catching up on emails, and even watching movies. Lately, Elisa has been listening to the podcast, “Skimm’d From the Couch.”

On Communication

Communication is a key component in all aspects of life. Finding the best form of communication for everyone though, is difficult. It is important to find which work best for you, and communicate to everyone around you how you can be reached. Elisa prefers Outlook and even uses it to schedule family activities. That way it’s easier to see on everyone’s schedule. Elizabeth keeps two phones, one for work and one personal. She prefers calls and texts because they are with her everywhere she goes. She also keeps a separate calendar for family related activities. Try a few different options with your team and family – you’ll be surprised how much easier it gets!

On Caffeine

Coffee? Tea? Yes and yes.

On Everything Else

There will be one-off days, where everything won’t feel so perfectly aligned. Powering through them is important and realizing that tomorrow if a new day to start off on a better path. Elisa likes to go to yoga before work. She keeps a workout bag with necessities ready to go in the mornings. Food prep the night before – whether it’s for the kids or for yourself, so you have healthier options instead of resorting to last-minute fast food.  Elizabeth recommends buying two of everything and putting things away – ready to go in your travel bag. Take a day off to go to the spa; don’t feel guilty. You deserve it.

Don’t settle for a choice between personal life and work life. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. It does indeed, take a village. Talk to your mentors and peers. Ask them, “How do you do it?” Most of all, believe in the power within you and the power of women together, supporting each other, every step of the way.

(This article was published in The South Palm Beach County Chapter of Florida Association of Women Lawyers )

Are you a female attorney or founder of a firm or company? We would love to hear how you manage work, life, and everything in between. Please email to write a guest blog or contribute your life tips and hacks. Let keep the Momentum going!