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Improve your Law Firm’s Productivity

Improve your Law Firm’s Productivity


Running an efficient law firm requires a commitment to smart and pragmatic approaches to time and resource usage. To improve productivity, you’ll need strategies that make the most of your resources.

Maximize every billable hour.

Assign administrative tasks to those who do not generate revenue. Lawyers waste potential billable hours in answering calls, making copies, and sorting email.

  1. Cross-train. If you currently have one or two assistants doing different types of administrative work, cross-train them. Having multiple people who can do the same tasks will benefit you when someone is sick, out on vacation, or leaves unexpectedly.
  2. Automate administrative tasks.  Take advantage of software programs that help attorneys become more efficient with the administrative parts of the job.

Automate your billing process.

Manual billing systems are burdensome, time consuming, and prone to errors. With an automated billing system, you take a lot of the risk out of billing and save a lot of time.

  1. Integrated timekeeping system.
  2. Easy to use invoicing.
  3. Billing system that integrates hours from multiple timekeepers.
  4. Flexible system that takes into account client specific billing arrangements

Update Technology.

Assess your current systems. Are they doing what they were designed to do? Are they doing what you need them to do? In what ways have your needs changed? Are your current tech systems able to grow and adapt to your new needs? Now take a look at the new systems on the market. Do they provide better solutions for your law firm?

If you want your law firm to thrive, you must manage it as a business. Note which practices work best for your team and which don’t, and alter accordingly.

Options to Consider:

Clio – Cloud-based practice management software

Zola Suite – Invoice and collects directly to/from clients

CosmoLex – Includes billing, practice management and compliant law office accounting


Provides over 500+ categories and comprehensive lists of software to find the right solution for your firm’s needs.