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Finding Inspiration in Daily Life

Finding Inspiration in Daily Life

By Violette Bishai.

Living on a schedule is easy. Day-to-day tasks of everyday life quickly become a never-ending routine. Daily routines become comfortable, so we do not seek to change them. Inspiration ceases to exist in this kind of mundane lifestyle. It is almost impossible to pull away from being focused on accomplishing the next task or making the next phone call, to take a moment to stop and look around. When, in fact, it is the ability to understand there is a world that exists beyond the scope of a daily routine that allows inspiration back in.

We all want to feel inspired; we all want to inspire those around us. But how can we lead an inspired life if we do not seek inspiration ourselves?

Inspiration does not need calculation or planning. It does not have to be an additional task to schedule in a daily calendar. It can happen almost anywhere in a matter of seconds. The astounding thing about it is, it only takes a few seconds.

Pick a few items and make it a point to include them in your week or even your month. In those moments, do not think about anything else.

Take a walk. This can be for as little as 20-30 minutes out of the day. Walking allows you the ability to let go of your daily thoughts and tasks and just be. Breathe in fresh air, soak in the scenery, and admire all the beauty nature has to offer. Mediate as you go.

“All walking is discovery. On foot we take the time to see things whole.” – Hal Borland

Listen to music. Take some time at least once or twice a week to listen to some of your favorite songs, or even discover new music. Different varieties of music have the ability to help you focus, ease a bad day, or even sleep better. It may inspire you in ways you had not considered before.

Spend time with children. Children tend to be happy and carefree. They often remind us what it’s like to appreciate the simple things in life. They inspire us to laugh, love, and trust in people. Learning to see things through a child’s eyes can put things into perspective.

Walt Disney for example, was inspired by his children. From this, he created a magical world that brings happiness to people worldwide.

Volunteer. Dedicating your time to help someone in need or support a good cause is sure to bring about all sorts of inspiration and gratitude. Devote a weekend or even a day out of the weekend and volunteer in your community. It could even be once a month. Take time to reflect on the influence you are able to make dedicating as little as an hour of time.

Read. Take a moment to consider someone or something that inspires you. What do you admire about it? What person has changed his or her life for the better or done something extraordinary? Read their bios. What is something you once came across and thought, “Wow! That is bewildering”? Learn from others. Learn from ideas, from ways of life. Plenty of inspiration can be found in those we admire.

Soon enough, you will find the world is filled with beauty and inspiration all around. This whole time, it was just waiting for you.