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Celebrate Labor Day with Ease

Celebrate Labor Day with Ease

By Violette Bishai

The smell of burgers and hot dogs grilling runs through each neighborhood along with the kids playing tag. Bright red and white plaid tables in the backyard, the speakers that always seem to be playing your favorite tune. Labor day is a celebration honoring the American worker. It’s a day meant for you to sit back and relax from day to day duties. Though financial duties are not necessarily a thing one can put on pause; we’ve chosen a few labor day activities that won’t add to your financial strain and simultaneously allow for a much needed break.

Go camping. Find a tent at your local shopping mall and pitch it at a campground. Camping allows for much needed family bonding and almost every major metropolitan area has campgrounds within a one-hour drive. Make it a classic end of summer road trip. Or skip the road trip and camp at home! All the items you need can be found in your pantry and linen closet. Stock up on blankets and pillows, make s’mores in the oven and tell your own campfire stories!

Snacks on the Go. Minimize any unnecessary spending by always packing snacks. No matter how far or close the destination, make it a habit to bring water, crackers, fruits, nuts etc. This creates for healthier eating habits and maximizes your travel time by preventing multiple stops along the way.

Take advantage of free attractions. Every town always has many great free things to do for families to participate in. Visit your local park or take a trip to the beach. Visit an art exhibit or museum. Grab your most comfortable shoes and a bottle of water and find a new trail to hike. Its surprising how many things there are to do around us when we put our phones down and look outside. Change your scenery, the world is your playground!

Host a BYOB Potluck (Bring Your Own Barbecue). A Barbecue on Labor Day is a beloved tradition, but it can be costly. Gather up a few friends and family and host a “BYOB (Bring your own Barbecue)”. Have everyone pitch in their favorite barbecue dishes and spend some time celebrating with your loved ones.

Staycation: Take some much needed time to decompress and lounge at home. Stay away from the traffic and the busy airports and hotels. Order a pizza instead and opt for a movie night in. Bake a batch of cookies from scratch and let the warm chocolate-y aroma roam through. Once their done, watch as your kids giggle in joy reaping the fruits of their labor.
It is little things that matter most, a messy kitchen sink, the smell of barbecue coming from the crack in the sliding glass door, a fold out lawn chair that has been put to good use. Celebrate this Labor Day with an at ease mind.

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