Plaintiff Transportation Services to help move your cases forward

Plaintiff Transportation Services

Just Call 855-YOU-RIDE or 855 (968-7433)


Safe, Reliable, Commercially-Insured Cars to Transport Your Clients to Doctors and Court Appointments

We understand that your plaintiffs face significant financial strain due to their personal injury accidents and they need to have reliable and safe transportation to get to important medical treatment facilities and or necessary court appointments. We know how important it is, that plaintiffs attend court depositions or court hearings and any medical required treatment to help move their cases forward. Because we are 100% committed to helping your law firm and plaintiffs, we provide our 855-855-YOU-RIDE concierge transportation service to help.

We understand:

  • Your client has transportation needs that sometimes can’t be met
  • You need help arranging the transportation services for medical or court appointments
  • You can call 855-YOU-RIDE and have the comfort of knowing transportation won’t be an issue

How it works:

  • You learn your client needs transportation services
  • Your client calls 855-YOU-RIDE
  • A Momentum Account Manager calls you
  • Your client sets a pick-up day/time (preferably 72 hours in advance)


  • Your client will make all medical and legal appointments
  • Pick-up and drop-off locations will be logged for accurate record keeping
  • Transportation is provided by a commercially-insured company
  • Your client receives the needed services to strengthen the case
  • We only get paid for services if the case settles

Plaintiff Transportation Services in Four Easy Steps

Step 1.

Plaintiff Transportation Services

Your client needs transportation services

Step 2.

Plaintiff Transportation Services

Your client calls 855-YOU-RIDE

Step 3.

Plaintiff Transportation Services

A Momentum Funding Account Manager calls you

Step 4.

Plaintiff Transportation Services

Your client sets a pick-up day/time (preferably 72 hours in advance)

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